Monday, 3 December 2012

Day one and done!

I'm sitting here in the resource room of Camp GLOW listening to the girls make a thunderstorm.  Blowing breezes with their whistles, pattering rain with their palms on their knees, booming thunder with their feet, and then fading back out as the imaginary storm passes over and heads west (east?) Emily is distracting them from the fact that the evening's activity has been delayed by technical difficulties.  Such is life here and we're rarely thrown off balance by a development like this.

Enjoying a free moment to hang out with a new friend

Writing acrostic poems about their strengths and positive attributes

Day one of GLOW has unfolded wonderfully, there is no other way to say it.  Our campers are divided into 15 groups aptly named after the animals found in Uganda.  We have the Antelopes, Cheetahs, Lions, Elephants, Buffalos, Warthogs, Gorillas, Crocodiles, Ostriches, Monkeys, Hyenas, Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, and Hippos all traipsing around calling their calls and cheering their cheers.  Girls learned about tie dye and how this could be something to earn them money in the future.  They worked together to get through a giant "spider web", decided which foods would make the most balanced meal, and wrote down all their most positive attributes.  They also wrote down things they're not good at and subsequently burned those papers.  It was a memorable moment at which they all cheered and screamed.

Getting ready to tackle a tangled web

Shaking things loose before the obstacle course

The sky threatened us with rain all day and finally followed through with that promise in the late afternoon.  Free choice sessions weren't interrupted though as the girls danced, sang, and played football (soccer) in the showers.  We had a great guest speaker who reminded the girls to always put their education first and to not sacrifice their futures for anything.  The counselors and staff watched the girls begin to forge friendships and gain a sense of pride in their animal groups.

About to face off in the piggy-back race

Three-legged race

Water balloon toss

Listening to the guest speaker/singing about how great they are :) 

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