Counselors & Staff

GLOWing Staff of 2012

Leah Briston: She’s from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but currently teaches science and computers at St. Theresa Girls S.S. Nsenyi in Kasese District. Her favourite foods are pilau, irish potatoes, and macaroni. She likes playing football, reading, and listening to music. She hopes many girls will love and learn a lot at Camp GLOW and grow to be the next leaders of the nation.

Chelsea Roberts: She was born in California, an American state bordering the Pacific Ocean.  She is the only girl in her family with two brothers.  She studied engineering, psychology and French at university.  Currently, she is a Coordinating Centre Tutor in Butaleja where she teaches English, life skill classes and RUMPS.  When she’s not working, she likes to run, dance and read.  Her favourite colour is pink, but it changes every month!
Sister Mary Valentine Nabbosa: Sister Valentine is from Luwero, This will be Sister Valentine’s third time directing Camp GLOW.  She is very excited to meet all the girls that are attending camp this year.  Sister is currently the head teacher of St. Theresa Girls’ Primary School Kisubi.  She is very passionate about girl child education.  Sister loves listening to BBC to follow the world news.  She always wants to know what is going on in the world.

Bailey Sanderson: She lives in Chicago, Illinois.  She was working at Bweranyangi Girls Senior Secondary School as a Biology Teacher, but has returned to America. Her favourite things are animals, playing football and being with her family.

Jacque Demko: Jacque (Apio) is a computer teacher at Iceme Girls' S.S. She has lived in Uganda for a year and a half. She thinks rice and beans are delicious. She loves rainbows.

Erica Lone: Erica Lone is known by the local name Hasahya in her community, in Butaleja District. She has been working with Primary schools, mainly in the area of promoting literacy among lower primary students. Erica loves reading and enjoys doing many different arts and crafts. This is her first experience with the National Camps, and she is so excited for a week of fun and learning with the girls of Uganda!

Mary McAlpin: This is her third camp GLOW, but her first time as a staff member.  She stays in Wanyange near Jinja, and she speaks some Lusoga.  When she’s not working as a teacher trainer, she likes to go on walks, read novels or explore Jinja town.  She’s looking forward to working with you all! 

Bethany Miota: She lives at Butebo Primary School in Pallisa District out East. She loves playing sports, reading books, doing yoga and making art. Math and Art were her areas of study at University but she worked with children with special needs in America before coming to Uganda. She was a counsellor of the Chameleons at National GLOW 2012, a co-director at Eastern GLOW 2012 and is very excited to be a staff member at National GLOW 2012!

Andrew Rowan: He was born in Arkansas but now lives in Bushenyi. He works as a health volunteer and has been in Uganda for over one year. He likes cooking, eating, and making jokes. Andrew loves Uganda and all of the people here. 

Liz Skeris: She is from Florida where she was a primary teacher. She has been in Uganda for almost two years and teaches at Canon Lawrence PTC outside of Lira. She loves to cook, travel, take pictures, and spend time with her friends.

Andrew Slivosky: He educates young women about chemistry and computers at Mulagi Girls’ SS in eastern Uganda. This native son of Pittsburgh, PA, USA uses the power of knowledge to help young Ugandans, especially women, understand their rightful places in today’s world. Last year, he took on the noble task of ensuring the safety of all the ladies at Camp GLOW 2011, and he promises to do the same for Camp GLOW 2012.

Robyn Smith: She is from New York.  She managed private jets prior to joining the Peace Corps.  She enjoys travel, snowboarding, motorcycles, and nights out on the town.  Her favourite food is cheese. 

Namakiika Lydia: She was born in Eastern Uganda, in Namatumba. She has a degree in special needs education. Currently, she is a teacher in the special needs unit at Buckley High School, located in Iganga. This will be her first time working with Camp GLOW and she is very excited!

Kibwika Oliver: She received her diploma in special needs education in 2003, and has had experience working what children with special needs since 1995. She works at Buckley High School in Iganga in the unit for the deaf and the deaf/blind. Oliver is the head of the deaf/blind unit at Buckley and is truly dedicated to her work in this field. She is enthusiastic about accompanying the children with special needs to camp GLOW and experiencing it herself.

Caroline Berry: She is 24 years old and from New Hampshire, where she attended university. She has 2 sisters and no brothers. She teaches mathematics and PE at Kibuku SS. She enjoys running, sports and listening to music.

DJ Clairville: She is a registered nurse in the state of California serving as a health volunteer in the Southwest of Uganda. She is a new graduate nurse and does not have much experience other than her clinicals but has plenty of health related book knowledge. She loves camp and working with kids, which she has done quite a lot of. She is pretty creative at times and loves camp games. 

Michelle Claus: She is a Peace Corps Volunteer living in Rukungiri. She works at Miranda Memorial Primary School along with multiple women's groups from the villages. Her favourite activities are playing Ultimate Frisbee, bird watching, and going for hikes around the village. She has been in Uganda for 6 months and enjoys eating mangos and fresh chapatti. 

Sara Cornett: She is 23 years old and from Cincinnati, Ohio. She went to Miami University where she majored in biochemistry. She is a community health volunteer at the Molo Health Centre III in Tororo. She enjoys road biking, yoga, and going to concerts.

Caitlin Costello: She hails from the mitten state of Michigan, where before Peace Corps/Uganda she worked as a journalist and art (ceramics) teacher. In her free time she likes to dabble in the arts, run, play volleyball, read, cook, do yoga, and spend quality time with her new dog, Pumpkin. Though she ran away from the first and only summer camp she ever went to, she spent over ten years of her life working at some sort of camp, and think camp people are some of the most creative, intelligent, compassionate, fascinating people she has ever met.

Nikki D’Onofrio: She is a 27-year-old Peace Corps Volunteer serving with her husband in the town of Katakwi in Northeast Uganda. Her professional background is in supporting survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence and training volunteers to do the same. Back in the United States, she enjoyed knitting and jewellery making, playing with her cat, camping and feeling cosy. Here in Uganda she enjoys meeting new people, sunrise walks, reading and cooking delicious food with new ingredients. She is passionate about life-long learning and social justice.

Heather Hargraves: Heather Atwooki has been living in Western Uganda (Wekomiire Village!) for a bit over a year. She teaches PIASCY and English in Wekomiire, and Life Skills at Miryante Orphans' Home. Her favourite part of her Ugandan life is getting to know her students, and she feels blessed to be sharing this week with so many of them. Empowering youth and educating people about HIV/AIDS are two of Heather's passions. When she is feeling less serious, you can find her singing and dancing, running and doing yoga, or colouring and reading with the young children in her village.

Emily Kjesbo-Johnson: She is a married Peace Corps volunteer who lives in Southwest Uganda with her husband Ryan.  They work as teachers at a Primary Teachers College.  Before coming to Uganda she lived in the state of Minnesota, in the northern United States.  She worked as a secondary school math teacher and a teaching artist.  She loves everything related to outdoors- walking, hiking, swimming, biking, and camping!  She also loves the arts and working with young people!

Aubrey Marsh: She is 24 years old and from Los Angeles, California.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in mathematics. She loves running and playing basketball!

Tara Matthews: Tara is a health volunteer with the Peace Corps. She is from California where she recently graduated from university with a degree in health science.  She now lives in Bushenyi and works at a hospital helping to educate the local community.  She enjoys running, dancing, writing letters to her family and friends in America, cooking, reading, and arts and crafts.  She is very excited to be a counsellor at GLOW and to work with all of you awesome girls!

Sophie Morse: You can also call her Kagoya. She loves working with young girls! She stays in Iganga, and works at WAACHA with OCVs and women teaching about health. She loves to dance, dig, and cook! She is very excited to be a counsellor at Camp GLOW.

Mikael Nobles: Mikael is a U.S Peace Corps Volunteer currently living in Kitgum Town where she volunteers with an organization conducting life skills within primary and secondary schools. She is originally from Missouri, a state in the middle of the U.S. In her free time, she is working with another volunteer introducing the sport of softball to primary school girls. She looks forward to meeting everyone and hopes you all enjoy this week at camp!

Sara Sheafor: Nabosa Kigongo Sara is from the endiga clan, the same clan as our wonderful Sister Valentine.  She lives in Luwero with her dog, Kiki.  She loves baking cakes and chasing chickens.  She is so excited to be back at National Camp GLOW again, her last camp as a Peace Corps volunteer in Uganda.

Kendra Smith: Kendra is a Peace Corps Health Volunteer. She is 25 years old from Hudson, Wisconsin in the United States. She has a Bachelors degree in sociology and a minor in anthropology. She is also a certified phlebotomist (draw blood!). She is the youngest in her family. She has an older sister that has three little girls and a brother that has one little girl. She loves to travel, volunteer, meet new people, hike, read, play sports, dance and listen to music. She is extremely excited to be a camp counsellor for the first time and can’t wait to meet you all!

Brittany Ulrich: Brittany is 23 years old, and in the beginnings of her Peace Corps Service.  She is a health volunteer, but placed at a food production company, Numa Feeds.  She studied nutrition in her undergrad (dietetics to be specific) and after Peace Corps would like to get her Masters in Public health.  She enjoys yoga, food, travelling and reading.

Julie Kimwiza: She is from Iganga Town, and is a Musoga by tribe. She studied fine art at Uganda Christian University, and now is a fine art teacher at Iganga Progressive Secondary School and at Nkuutu Memorial. In her free time she likes watching movies, making friends, and eating ice cream.

Tusingwire Jenipher: Jenipher is 19 years old.  She comes from Mitooma district.  She is a student at Bushenyi PTC.  She likes chatting with friends, listening to news, and reading books.  She also likes sharing with her fellow females who are determined and well behaved.

Nuwasasira Gloria: She’s called Nuwasasira Gloria. She’s 18 years old.  She’s from Mbarara district.  She’s a student at Bushenyi Core PTC.  She likes playing games like netball and skipping a rope. She likes listening to music and watching films.

Tuhairwe Evelyne : Evelyne is from Bushenyi Core PTC.  She’s 19 years old.  She likes chatting with friends, especially the young ones.  She likes listening to the news.  She likes reading novels and helping the needy.  She likes encouraging the people who are determined to make their future better.

Ainembabazi Ronah:  She’s19 years old and comes from Bushenyi district.  She is a Ugandan by nationality.  She is a student at Bushenyi PTC.  She likes watching movies, reading novels, making friends and giving counselling and guidance.

Kirima Deborah: She is 23 years old, married with two children.  She is a teacher by profession.  She studied in Nahugunjo Primary School, then joined Bishop Nankyama Memorial College Bombo where she got an Ordinary Level Certificate.  After secondary school, she attended Shimoni Primary Teacher’s College and obtained a Grade III Teacher’s Certificate.  She is currently enrolled as a teacher at Bugisa Primary School.  At school, she’s involved in music, dance, drama, games and sports, leadership, guidance and counselling.  She was a counsellor at Eastern Camp GLOW in August 2012.  She enjoys eating and making friends.

Teddy Nakyanzi: She’s 25 years old comes from Mukono. She’s a nutritionist for a community-based organization in Kayunga district where she really enjoys interacting with community members and building capacity in terms of knowledge and economic development. She’s super excited about participating in Camp GLOW and can't wait to both learn from and share her knowledge with campers and staff.

Josephine Nyamonya: She loves her God and loves herself very much.  She is engaged to a wonderful man, and they believe they are destined to be together for life.  She makes lots of noise when the time is right.  What keeps her going is the knowledge about the fact that whatever the choice we made and what happens to us, there is a purpose for it- we just have not yet discovered this purpose.  She loves singing, cooking and playing with children when she’s not at the office.  She is a sports scientist by profession, but has never practiced it.  She works with “a little bit of HOPE (Uganda)” as the Administrator and Office Manager.

Mbambu Peninah: Mbambu Peninah is a native of Kasese District, Uganda. She teaches English and Literature at St. Theresa Girls S.S. Nsenyi. She enjoys working with young girls, travelling to new places, reading novels, and watching movies. “Tiny as it may be, always leave a positive mark wherever you go.”

Abwol Immaculate: She is from Kitgum, Uganda; however, she spent most of her upbringing in Jinja.  She is an Acholi.  After ‘A’ levels, she attended Crested Crane Institute to study Information Technology. She currently teaches computer classes at the Jinja Primary Teachers’ College in Wanyange.  One of the lowest points in her life was when she lost her two older brothers, and her grandmother.  Her family is still healing from that loss, but continues to look forward.  She supplements her income from teaching with her own business of selling health, agricultural, weight loss and beauty products.  She dreams one day to have a very big business, earning lots of money so that it may help her to open an orphanage.  

Kebirungi Aidah: She is 18 years old, residing in Maira Village, Kabweeze Sub-County in Kyegegwa District. She is a Munyankole-Mukiga by tribe. She is looking forward to sit her URCE Examinations this year 2012.

Nakabuye Juliet: She is 19 years old and Muganda-Mutooro by tribe.  She resides in Kabweeza Village, Kabweeze Sub-County, Kyegegwa District.  She is looking forward to sitting for UACE UNEB Examinations.

Kaswiili Grace: She is 39 years old.  She works at Miryante Orphans home, and she loves children. She has one child and her name is Sandra. She is a trained chef and loves cooking Indian and African food.

Aziru Eunice: She is a primary school teacher and is 38 years old. She enjoys staying with children and helping them to learn positively. She enjoys reading novels, making friends, going for adventure, attending camps like scouting.  She is excited to be part of camp glow and participate in it fully.

Jamila Orom: She is currently studying tailoring in Luwero.  When she’s not working or studying, she loves to cook and read.  Jamila has one daughter, whom she loves very much.  She has beautiful smile that she shares with everyone.  This will be her first Camp GLOW, and she’s very excited!

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