Thursday, 6 December 2012

Day four gimme more!

We have reached the apex of the week. Tomorrow is the last day; the day the boys' camp comes for field day, the day we present certificates of appreciation and participation, and the day we watch a slideshow and see just how far we've come.  After the excitement of yesterday and with the preparations being made for tomorrow's big activities, today felt more relaxed.

Drop Everything And Read - today's topic? Women in Uganda who have achieved amazing things 

Practicing using a mosquito net so malaria is kept at bay

Today the girls talked about their futures and planning ahead to get the best results.  Counselors and staff led sessions that asked girls to imagine themselves in 10 years and draw a picture of what they expect to be or do.  A lot of girls drew lawyers and doctors which was very encouraging since those are things that are usually seen as men's jobs. A few things that were taught earlier in the week came full circle as the campers made purses and used their sewing skills they'd learned when they made reusable menstrual pads on Tuesday.

Sewing purses! Putting together several projects from the week - tie dye and learning to sew with RUMPS

Bethany and Mikael showing off their camper

A pretty gnarly bug

Emily with her Busheyni co-counselors

A clue for the scavenger hunt, placed in the Teamwork classroom

Girls on a mission - questions hidden all over campus, the right answer points them in the right direction, a wrong answer sends them on a wild goose chase

Jacque leads 'Red Light, Green Light'! It's amazing the things we can take for granted, not many of our girls had ever seen a traffic light in real life

Lining up...


Walking like an Egyptian

Crawling like crabs with seagull Mary chasing them along

Camp competition: Flour, water, or air? The counselor who gets flour takes their group to lunch

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