Saturday, 10 November 2012

GLOWing in Uganda

As Peace Corps Volunteers, we live mostly in rural areas and spend a lot of time integrating into our communities.  Our neighbors and friends are the women we work with, the shopkeeper who sells us eggs, and the children who sit on our stoop and color in the afternoons.  This level of integration is so important because it lets us see what the real needs of our communities are, and more importantly, what assets they already have in place to meet those needs.  We are able to pick apart the challenges and figure out how to address them. This is something that PCVs pride themselves on and what we believe sets us apart from other volunteer organizations.

Below is part of the project outline written to explain why we need Camp GLOW in Uganda.  This is the heart and soul of why we are here serving, and why we asked for your help.  It describes the goals we have set for the week and how we will determine if we are successful.  It lays out a groundwork for change that goes deeper than just a week of having fun.  Please take a few minutes to read it, and maybe catch a glimpse of not only what these girls are going through, but what an incredible difference a few simple changes can make in their lives.

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